A New Approach to
Workload Protection
with AppDefense and
Carbon Black


Workloads in modern hybrid/ multi-cloud environments are increasingly distributed and ephemeral. Traditional end-user-based end-point protection solutions are ill-suited to effectively secure these workloads. We believe that things needs to change, by making security intrinsic to the infrastructure across the software-defined data center. By distributing the controls to every host, and being close to the workload, this approach vastly simplifies the operational model, and brings complete application context to the security analysis.

In this session, you will learn about:
  • VMware AppDefense capabilities, available directly in vCenter, which embed workload protection intrinsically in the hypervisor. In addition to hardening the underlying cloud infrastructure, AppDefense continuously monitors processes and network activity using Machine Learning to build a model of “known good” and expected behavior.
  • Carbon Black’s industry leading EDR solution which delivers a complementary workload protection model with its industry leading EDR + NGAV solution to stop malware and block attacks.
  • How Carbon Black integrates with AppDefense to share context and accelerate incident response.
  • How Columbia Southern University leverages the combined solution on their journey to achieve a Zero Trust security model, while simplifying their security architecture.


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