Network Security
with NSX Intelligence


VMware NSX is our software based networking and security platform that is built on several core principles including:
  • Distribution of services as close as possible to the workload.
  • Centralized Management with all services from L2-L7 provided though a consistent UI/API.
  • Rich workload context that extends beyond 5-tuple flow information and into application, user and process awareness.
Now with NSX Intelligence we are delivering a new distributed analytics engine that builds upon these foundations in NSX. NSX Intelligence uses a lightweight architecture that enables the rich context to be stored in a Data Platform for retention and historical analysis. This allows us to provide deep visibility into traffic flow and security posture of your workloads across the entire environment. In addition, NSX Intelligence uses analytics to provide automated security policy recommendations for rules, groups and services. This webinar will show how NSX Intelligence makes it easy to implement granular micro-segmentation making the Zero Trust security model a reality.

We will also cover how NSX Intelligence will work together with vRealize Network Insight.


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