While the need to transform is a given for any organization, it has become a strategic requirement for responding to changing market dynamics and growing user and customer expectations. To break away from the competition, organizations need to build their technology solutions with continuous transformation as a required design element.

In this webcast, Chris Wolf, VMware VP and CTO, will explore how VMware’s strategy and roadmap is focused on helping organizations transform by:

  • Future-proofing application architectures to allow for continual transformation and workload mobility
  • Building best-of-breed hybrid services that can accommodate cloud, open source, and traditional application components
  • Reducing risk and improving operational and management efficiencies across a global infrastructure footprint
  • Adding velocity and scale to new open source initiatives such as containers, Kubernetes, analytics, or functions as a service
  • Future-proofing technology investments so apps and services can be deployed wherever new markets or customer needs appear

Featured Speaker

Chris Wolf

Chris Wolf

Vice President & CTO, Global Field & Industry

Chris Wolf is CTO, Global Field and Industry at VMware, responsible for driving the execution and communication of the Office of the CTO’s vision, and representing VMware’s technical vision to customers, partners and analysts. Prior to joining VMware, Chris was a Research Vice President for Gartner’s Technical Professionals service, where he managed the data center and private cloud research agenda. He also authored “Virtualization: From the Desktop to the Enterprise,” the first book that was exclusively devoted to defining all aspects of x86 virtualization as we know it today.


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