Enhance VDI Security for
Virtualized Desktops and
Apps with VMware NSX and Horizon


Limiting the cyber-attack surface, supporting ever expanding regulations and achieving compliance has become more increasingly important as the digital infrastructure expands. Organizations are implementing desktop and application virtualization to improve security and deliver greater employee mobility. VDI technology has been key in centralizing and securing desktops and applications. However, new security concerns can arise behind the data center firewall—where hundreds or even thousands of desktops reside. These desktops sit in close proximity to other users and mission-critical workloads, requiring protection from attacks. These attacks can move from desktop to server, exposing a large attack surface within the data center. VMware NSX for Horizon effectively secures east-west traffic within the data center, while ensuring that IT can quickly and easily administer networking and security policies that dynamically follows end users’ virtual desktops and apps across infrastructure, devices, and locations.

In this webcast, you will learn:
  • The benefits of centrally deploying virtual desktops and apps
  • How centrally delivering desktops and apps boosts security
  • The benefits of micro-segmentation
  • How micro-segmentation provides end-to-end security for virtual desktops and applications


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