VMware 2019 Technology Outlook:
Cloud and Security


As we begin 2019, we see cloud and security maintaining their top-of-mind awareness for many IT decision makers. As cloud continues its remarkable transition from a place to an operating model, organizations will have the benefit of greater flexibility for physically deploying and their cloud services.

While added flexibility can help drive greater business agility, it also comes with software development and operational considerations that must be weighed in advance. In addition, increasing dynamic security threats mean that traditional, static-type security defenses are unable to keep pace, so new, more advanced approaches to maintaining security will need to be adopted.

In this session, Chris Wolf, VMware VP and CTO will explore VMware’s strategic priorities in 2019 and beyond, including key cloud and security trends and how enterprises can stay at the forefront of these technological advancements, including:
  • Creating greater agility for cloud services, containers, and traditional applications, allowing them to run anywhere business requirements mandate
  • Migrating and extending vSphere-based virtual cloud networks to the public cloud
  • Staying ahead of cyber threats by using advanced security approaches such as adaptive micro-segmentation
  • Continued innovation in secure, efficient and future-proofed hyper-converged infrastructure


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