Advances in cloud, mobility, edge computing, IoT, AI, and more allow you to rapidly unlock innovation. But disruptive technologies are emerging faster than many organizations can absorb, resulting in complex IT environments that are hard to maintain and secure.

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Thailand | Bangkok
14 June 2018 (Closed)
Myanmar | Yangon
21 June 2018 (Closed)
Vietnam | Hanoi
26 June 2018 (Closed)
Philippines | Manila
28 June 2018 (Closed)
3 July 2018 (Closed)
Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur
5 July 2018 (Closed)
Bangladesh | Dhaka
12 July 2018
Sri Lanka | Colombo
18 July 2018
Indonesia | Jakarta
19 July 2018
Pakistan | Karachi
15 August (Coming Soon)