Highly Motivated to Leverage a New Mindset

With his desire to improve professionally, a systems administrator goes all-in with VMware NSX.

Al Rasheed is not one to wait around for success to happen, especially with virtualization revolutionizing the way networks are deployed, managed, and secured.
How much of your career has been reacting to change vs. driving it?

I’d call it 50/50. At times, it can be a healthy competition amongst fellow colleagues. In other cases, it’s necessary to remain active in the industry and current on its trends. Personally, I’ve always been motivated to challenge myself to be the best. And I’m always encouraging my children to do the same and not accept the norm.

If you have the mindset to grow, success is around the corner.
What was the catalyst to your NSX Mindset?

The willingness to learn something new, and most importantly, the desire to expand my knowledge and potential. Anyone can be average, but I prefer to challenge myself professionally and personally as often as possible. The vCommunity and VMUG also deserve credit for their continued support and willingness to help others from the kindness of their hearts. These communities provide the inspiration and motivation I need to take my career to the next level.

Network virtualization and security go hand in hand. NSX leverages both in a seamless manner that leads to a secure network environment that can be easily managed, while providing the flexibility to make changes as needed without interrupting the business flow of a company.

What does NSX Mindset mean to you?

It’s the willingness to go and get it! This includes the persistence to continue striving for the best through failure and growth. If you have the mindset to grow, success is around the corner.

My desire to improve professionally is at an all-time high, and I won’t stop until I’ve met these goals. I have never been so motivated to improve my position in IT like I have these past two to three years.
What does a united IT strategy mean to you?

Working with a group of individuals that share the same passion and desire to succeed without sacrificing one another. A united IT strategy is equivalent to having one common goal while working collectively to fulfill and satisfy the needs of an IT environment.

What was your aha moment that led you down the path of NSX?

Getting to meet Chris McCain at VMworld in Vegas last year. I was fortunate enough to participate in his NSX Mindset session and understand the true meaning of the #NSXmindset . I followed it up by attending his presentation during VMware UserCon last fall in New Jersey. I really enjoyed his passion, but it was especially nice to talk to him one on one after the presentation.

How do you see NSX affecting the networking and security industry?

It enables security and compliance for any business transitioning to network virtualization.